#one kilo or many, being overweight is associated with a number of chronic diseases

The World Health Organization predicts that a staggering 3.3 billions adults will be considered overweight or obese by the year 2019. Obesity is now considered most destructive and yet most avoidable cause of death.

The higher your BMI, ( Body Mass Index) the higher your risk of developing a lifestyle associated disease such as

. Poor cardiovascular health (heart disease, stroke)

. Diabetes

. Increased wear and tear on joints

. Premature ageing

. Sleep disorders

. Increased risk of chronic degenerative disease.

. Depression

Today we have more “low fat” and “low calorie” diet foods and drinks than ever before, so why are we getting fatter and not thinner?

Most common weight management programs are based on calorie counting. These programmes slow down the metabolic rate so continued weight loss is very diffecult to maintain. Once people go back to a normal calorie intake, their metabolism cannot keep up with the extra energy intake and they start gaining back the weight lost.

Our body has a naturally programmed automatic weight gain/loss system. Simply put – if you eat more calorie than you burn for energy, you will gain weight.

Fat was never intended to be a burden to the human race. It is a result of our lifestyle being out of balance . Prehistoric man made use of their fundamental ability to store surplus food as fat, to be utilised in times of food shortages. However, with our easier lifestyle and the excess of calories lurking in most processed foods today, fat is now accumulating at a frightening rate.

The body’s preferred first choice of fuel is carbohydrates. Typically, carbs are used within a few hours of eating, their primary function is to provide the body with the fuel it needs now. Any excess carbohydrates are stored as fat.

The role or dietary fats is to store energy for use at a later time. When sugar (carbs) is very low the body will use fat in order to create a source of energy, generates ketones.

The New Image Alpha Lipid SD11 Weight Management Programmed ensures the body has adequate protein to maintain muscles mass, whilst assisting the body in its natural process to burn fat instead of glucose or muscle tissue. A ketogenetic diet is your body’s natural way to lose weight. It work by allowing your body to break down fat to use as energy.

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