How essential is NUTRITION for every day

How does it work




With our modern lifestyle comes modern problems – stress, poor diet and disease – all contributing to a less than healthy outcome.

A balanced diet – rich in nutrients, essential vitamins and minerals is crucial to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Supplementing your life on the run is therefore vital to repairing some of the damage caused by today’s stressor.

Start your day with the power of COLOSTRUM – Just a shake away.

Suitable for everyone, ALPHA LIPID LIFELINE with colostrum powder and LACTOBACILLUS ACIDOPHILUS AND BIFIDOBACTERIUM, is the only morning shake you need.

It combines premium quality colostrum, essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Featuring our Bio-active delivery system, Alpha Lipid ensures colostrum travelling through the harsh environment of the stomach is delivered safely to the intestines where it can work its colostrum magic

Strengthen your immunity with 1680mg of colostrum containing 300mg of immunoglobulins

Greatly improved gut health & digestive comfort with 1 billion probiotics per dose.

Packed full of essential vitamins and minerals.

1000mg of calcium for healthy teeth and bones.

Assist the body’s natural repair process.

Best taken as a pre-breakfast cold drink, or include it with your morning smoothie.

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