greater Strength and Endurance

Colostrum and peak performance

What makes the difference between a winner and just another competitor in the sport arena? Often it can come down to just a few vital seconds.

To have a winning edge they have to have the ability to hold off other competitors! They need the strength and endurance to keep going, no matter the circumstances. They need natural Stamina.

High performance athletes and professional sport people push their bodies to the limits. In doing so they can become prone to illness due to the immune system becoming depressed after exercise.

Colostrum boost the immune system and aids with natural stamina so that athletes can achieve their best, time after time. Colostrum help keep the body in top condition from the inside out, allowing the continuation of training to reach peak fitness levels.

The powerful combination of growth factors contained in colostrum stimulate the development of muscle tissue and bone cells leading to increased muscular strength and improved endurance. Colostrum assist with the burning of fat, whilst increasing muscle mass thus giving a leaner, stronger body. IGF-I which is just one of the factors present in colostrum, can promote an increase to up to 15% in muscle mass and 14% in strength.

The regenerative effects of the growth factors in Colostrum can also benefit active sports people by reducing injury recovery time.

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