What best food that will conquer your fears due to aging

Extensive research has shown that colostrum is unique as it is the only substance that offers anti-aging hormones in perfect banace- just the way nature intended. This explains why there are no known negative side effects from taking colostrum, even in large doses.

When colostrum is taken regularly as a supplement, the skin can appear more youthful, age and liver spots can be reduced and bone mass, density and lean muscle mass is increased. Fat levels decrease, while energy and disease resistance levels increase. In some cases hair can begin to regain its thickness and colour.

Colostrum also contains other vital growth factors such as EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), which demonstrates the highest ability to stimulate skin regeneration and wound healing. IGF-I and IGF-II are insulin-like growth factors which are important inreducing fat deposits as they tell your body how to store and use food for energy. IGF-I also accelerates the healing process, balances blood glucose and reduces the need for insulin. It can also increase muscle mass and strength and assist in bone growth and repair

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