Did you know that COLOSTRUM assist in the reduction of symptoms and improve faecal quality of your pets.

Even the health of your beloved pets can be enhanced by addtion of colostrum to their diet. If your kitten or puppies are failing to thrive, if one of your animals has a wound, abscess, stomach bug or coats are not gleaming with good health, they could well benefit from the goodness of colostrum powder. Diarrhoea can be a common problem in recently weaned puppies and studies have shown that supplementation with bovine colostrum can assist in the reduction of symtoms and improved faecal quality. It can be sprinkled on to their food or given in a more concentrated form mixed with water or honey to aid and upset stomach or to fight infection.

So whether your pet is a top show animal or simply a loved member of the family unit, be they young or old, just like their owners they can benefit from addition of a daily dose of colostrum. Enough to damage the delicate bioactive elements. The product is then low-heat dried maintaining the bioactivity and leaving a white powder.

This low-heat drying process has a loss of bioactivity of less than 3 percent. From this stage it is manufactured into capsules, tablets, and powdered drinks.

In New Zealand the cows all calve at the same time of the year, so the colostrum is collected fresh and processed immediately. In most other countries calving occurs all year round and the colostrum must be frozen prior to processing. Colostrum processed from fresh is believed to be far more effective.

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