Why Medical Professional’s encourage as possible to breast feed the babies

The most important colostrum for humans is derived from the mother’s breast. Unlike most mammals species, human babies obtain some immunity through the placenta, so they have a degree of immunity at birth. However, the growth and immune factors passed to the baby in the mother’s colostrum are vital to proper growth and full development of the immune system. This is the reason for the medical professional’s general agreement that, wherever possible, babies should be breast feed.

However, the damage done to our bodies by poor diet, smoking, stress, pollution and antibiotics combined with other detrimental effects of modern living means that our bodies need constant replenishment of growth and immune factors to retain a standard of good health.

Otherwise, we can not keep going back to our mother’s colostrum so we need to find a substitute. Fortunately bovine colostrum is the ideal source for human consumption.

bovine colostrum

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