Is Colostrum good for Adults?

Since bovine Colostrum is loaded with nutrients that fight disease and promote growth, it may be able to boost immunity, treat infections, and offer more related benefits in human throughout life. Summary Bovine Colostrum contains macronutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Bovine colostrum is perfect for human consumption. Unlike the colostrum of most mammals, it is not species-specific. In other words, other species can use it without any adverse reaction.

In particular, the molecular structure of the immune and growth factors in bovine colostrum is very similar to those found in humans. In a sense dairy cattle are universal donors of colostrum. Furthermore, bovine colostrum contains many more immune factors than human colostrum.

With bovine colostrum we are collecting colostrum from a large herd of dairy cattle which have each developed immunoglobulins from their individual exposure to germs and diseases. Bovine colostrum thus provides 20 times more immune factors than human colostrum.

A research study has shown that bovine colostrum contains 38% of IgG as compared to only 2% in human colostrum. IgG is considered one of the most important immunoglobulins because it is active against so many different organisms, many of which are now resistant to traditionally available antibiotics.

A further advantage is that bovine colostrum can be controlled. Large numbers of dairy cattle can be raised, monitored and maintained in controlled environment which ensures the production of high-quality, uncontaminated colostrum. The collection and processing of colostrum can also be properly regulated.

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