What is the Dosage and Side Effects of Colostrum in our health?

Colostrum is available as a supplement either alone or in combination, and in capsule or powder forms. Commercial colostrum is manufactured from primarily cow colostrum.

No standard and optimal dosage has been ascertained for colostrum. However, some researchers recommend 500 to 2000mg per day, while others suggest 20 mg per kilogram of body weight. Colostrum dosage can be increase during stress period and illnesses. It is better to divide the daily dose and take it twice a day. Non-athletes had better take colostrum in the morning one hour before breakfast and at bedtime. Athletes should take it one hour before exercise and before bedtime.

Although there are no side effects from the suggested doses, high dosages can cause headaches, agitation, fatigue, heartburn, and stomach distress. These symptoms may persist from hours to days. Generally, athletes starts by taking a dose and increasing the amount until the desired results are achieved and then decreasing to maintenance doses.

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