Worried about getting sick?

These days diseases are everywhere: At work, at home, and anywhere in between. Every day you are exposed to thousands of germs, from winter colds and flus through to more serious illnesses. You are vulnerable because modern living depletes your natural immunity levels at every turn. Many people are exposed to disease, but not all get sick. What makes the difference? The strength of your immune system.


Bronchitis? Influenza? Viruses? Colds? Winter BLues?


The best cure for disease is avoid illness in the first place. You can take evasive action against illness by boosting your immune system. The best product available for this is NEW IMAGE ALPHA LIPID Colostrum – the ultimate wellness defender.

Colostrum is a total balance of immunoglobulins (antibodies), immune and growth factors. It is the only product available that contains natural antibodies.

ALPHA LIPID Colostrum has been shown to contain high levels of specific antibodies to a wide range of pathogens that cause a variety of illnesses, from pneumonia to food poisoning, strep throat, stomach ulcers, meningitis, acne, yeast infections, diarrhoea, indigestion, Candida and more. (University of Otago Study 2001).

Nature’s Vaccination

NEW IMAGE ALPHA LIPID colostrum is nature’s first food. The complete pre-milk liquid provided for all newborn mammals is produced before normal milk. It contains hundreds of elements and compounds that are vital for health and immunity Cow’s colostrum is ideally suited for human consumption. It contains up to twenty times more immune factors than human colostrum.

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