How is COLOSTRUM better than other supplement?

Only colostrum is designed by nature to protect mammals (like ourselves) from disease! Colostrum is the only supplement that contains natural antibodies that defend us against the type of illnesses we are exposed to every day.

There are many other immune-boosting supplements available. But they do not contain antibodies.

Colostrum’s natural antibodies have been scientifically and clinically shown to be effective against germs.

Colostrums has no negative side-effects, only the positive benefits of protecting and boosting your immune system.


Take two capsules or tablets first thing in the morning with water, or mix 1 1/2 scoops of Lifeline (the powder) into 150ml of cool water to make a delicious shake. It you have any serious health challenges, just increase the dosage until you feel an improvement in your wellbeing. As colostrum is completely safe and natural to the mammalian body, there is no limit to the amount you can take.

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