All mammals build a library of antibodies (immunoglobulins) against the many infections they are exposed to after birth, these antibodies are passed to the newborn via the mother’s colostrum.

These antibodies provides the vital foundation for the immune system, giving a complete ‘download’ of the mother’s immunity system, including antibodies for the disease carrying pathogens she has encountered in her lifetime.

In addition to these antibodies, colostrum also contains other immune factors that help boost your system, and growth factors that help your body to repair and heal itself more effectively.

Most of these factors are not found in such high concentrations anywhere else in nature. And because NEW IMAGE ALPHA LIPID colostrum is a completely natural product it is in balance for the human body.

With NEW IMAGE ALPHA LIPID colostrum you and your family are healthier, stronger, and filled with natural vitality.

1. Germs enter the body and make their way to the gut wall.

2. Once attached to the gut wall, germs begin to multiply freely, causing illness and disease.

3. The antibodies in colostrum remain in the gut, increasing your natural antibody levels. When a germ invades they attach themselves to it.

4. Once the antibodies are attached, the germ cannot stick to the gut wall, and passed harmlessly through your system.

ANTIBODIES are an army of soldiers that defend your body from pathogen attack. If pathogens establish themselves they can multiply in billion per hour, causing serious infection, and even death. These pathogens must be destroyed quickly by the antibodies. The mutating viruses of today are more dangerous than ever before.

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