Why Good Blood Circulation is Vital to Your Health?

The Benefits of Good Blood Circulation

. You’ll maintain healthy blood and oxygen flow throughout the body, allowing your lungs, heart and muscles to function properly

and efficiently.

. You’ll fight off and avoid potential diseases and sicknesses….

. You’ll keep you organ in its best working order.

1 Pack = 30 Capsules & 30 Tablets

Contains ingredients derived from fish and soy. Not to be taken during pregnancy.

f you are taking Warfarin or other blood thinners, consult with your physician before using this product. Dietary supplements may only be of assistance where the dietary intake is insufficient.


Capsules and Tablets

Supporting complete heart health. Unique 2-part formula to protect blood vessel integrity and function.

  • Developed to work synergistically to support a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Supports healthy blood pressure, circulation and cholesterol levels.
  • Contains nutrients for healthy brain function, mental clarity & focus.

Variety:A unique blend of plant extracts plus essential fatty acids provide your body with a variety of nutrients.

Vigilance:Essential Omega fatty acids help keep your heart, blood and cells healthy and strong.

Vitality:Unique formula supports healthy ageing so you can continue to enjoy your active lifestyle.

A healthy cardiovascular system is vital for a healthy, long life. To look after your heart, blood vessels, circulation and to maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol you need a variety of nutrients. The plant extracts and essential fatty acids in Circulytes have been hand-picked because they provide these health benefits and more.


  • Active Ingredients per Omega Capsule: 250mg Fish Oil (Omega 3), 250mg Borage Oil (Omega 6), 250mg Evening Primrose Oil (Omega 6), 250mg Wheat Germ Oil (Omega 6), 1mg Rosemary Oil
  • Active Ingredients per Herbal Tablet: 1,000mg Ginkgo, 130mg Pau D’Arco, 50mg Rutin, 50mg Bioflavonoids, 150mg Crataegus (Hawthorn), 3mg Cayenne, 75mg White Willow Bark, 200mg Garlic


For best results, take 1 capsule (Omega) and 1 tablet (Herbal) daily with your evening meal.

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