Screenshot_20200424-023414_Gallery.jpgAs the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. With winter well and truly set in, you will hopefully already be taking measures to keep yourself healthy and well, such as:

Getting plenty of quality sleep, Managing your stress levels

Eating a balanced diet to ensure intake of key immune such as vitamins A, C, E, B-group vitamins and the mineral, zinc & selenium

Providing daily support to your immune system with standard colostrum (15-20% IgG). If after all your best efforts or intentions – you find yourself plagued with winter ills and chills you need to:

Rest up, Drink plenty of fluids, Give your immune system extra support with high potency colostrum (40% IgG). Taken at the first sign of a sniffy nose or tingly throat, High Potency Colostrum can support healthy immune function and help to protect you from winter ills and chills

High Potency Colostrum is the easy way to keep you naturally strong and healthy this winter. See overleaf for our Colostrum product range to support your health and well-being

Our colostrum, sourced from pasture-fed cows, contains antibodies that treat specific human pathogens. (even those that are becoming resistant to antibiotics). Including E-coli and Rotavirus.


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